To you,

To you, (you beautiful person, you!)

Welcome to “From, her” or “from, her.” I haven’t exactly decided if I like the capitilization or not yet. If you are on my page the exact day I’m posting this you will notice that it looks very plain and there is no logo. Rome wasn’t built in a day so bear with me per favore. I plan on making this website as glamorous as possible. My goal for this site is to

a) have a functioning, consistently updated blog


b) to officially put my original “from, her” idea in concrete form


My blog will contain an array of topics from book recommendations and current events to pop culture and even some beauty/hair tips (#curlygirls — I’m here for you). I wanted to start a blog for as long as I can remember so I’m making it happen, and hopefully you like it enough to follow along!

“From, her” on the other hand, is a completely original idea I thought up while studying abroad last spring in Barcelona. I was surrounded by such a fantastic group of young women who were all so unique in their own ways. I wanted other people to feel like there was a place they could go to be inspired by extraordinary women too — without the expensive air fare.

The point of “from, her” is to interview all sorts of these wonderful women, take those interviews and turn them into letters for others to read. The kind of women I want to interview will range from favorite 7th grade teacher, to well-known politician, to your best friend. I plan on keeping it very open, meaning the woman being interviewed can talk about anything she wants.

Ultimately, I would really like to keep the letters intimate and something anyone can learn from. I might even have some of the women write their own letters, whether it’s to you or maybe to her younger-self.

I often feel like letters are becoming a more dying form of writing (which sucks!) but I’ve never gotten a letter I didn’t feel was touching or personal, so I’m hoping that when you read these letters they feel like they were written just for you.

My SUPREME GOLDEN ENCRUSTED GOAL for this website is to have someone like Michelle Obama have a letter on “from her.” A girl can dream right?

I most definitely plan on doing a miny “from, him” series as part of “from, her” because I’m all about that equality baby!

So without further ado, I present to you From, her OR from, her (my indecisiveness will cave in to one of them eventually).

Enjoy and thank you so much for visiting my site! I hope you love it, just as much as I already love you for reading this far.


Me 💌

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